Palette I, Soft-side content
Palette I, Hard-side content
Palette II, Symmetrical Layout
Palette II, Asymmetrical Layout
Palette III
Palette IV and Icon Set I
Palette IV
Palette V
Palette VI
Palette VII
Palette VIII
Palette IX
Palette X
Palette XI
Palette XII
Palette XIII
Palette XIV
Palette XV
Palette XVI
Palette XVII
Palette XVIII
Palette XIX
Books & Samples

More than thirty titles have already published using the program, several are listed here. Click on the links to view sample interiors. Each link contains a chapter (low-resolution PDF). Keep in mind that how the palettes are applied to the 20% new elements, graphics, and art program are unique to an individual title; also colors may be added to any palette for use on the 20%.