An 8020 design will provide your book with a new look without the new design price. On average, an 8020 is 50% less than a whole new design, and 25% less than adapting another book's design. It is about 30% more than a modified pickup.

This program can only be effective when we respect the standard 80%, and abide by the simple rule that the standard items are not allowed to be altered or edited. The time and effort we collectively save by doing so, allows us to focus our combined attention and efforts on the 20% which will be designed new, per book.

The content is divided into these two arenas: standard and new. The standard is made up of hundreds and hundreds of elements from the chapters (text, lists, heads, captions, footnotes, questions, glossary terms, etc.), and nearly everything in the book's frontmatter (preface, contents, acknowledgements, etc.) and backmatter (index, solutions, glossary, etc.). The new is reserved for the content that will allow us to make the most significant visual impact (part and chapter openers), features (cases, boxes, examples), and specialized cross-references (learning objectives, and integrated ancillaries, like student CDs, mylabs, etc.).

Line art falls within the 20%, and as such may be picked-up/modified from previous editions (recolored to match the new design), or created new. Consult with your Art Director and Operations Specialist regarding budget allowances for art programs.

Any 8" x 10", or 8.5" x 10.875", or 7.375" x 9.125" book, in either 2-color or 4-color can make use of the program. Titles with an excess of equations and/or tabluar material can work, but may be better suited to other options.

In future releases of the program additional standard trim sizes will be available.